Been in Thailand for 4 days. This is my first time here. This is my culture shock.
  1. Durian - spiked fruit delicacy, is awful
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    Thais love it. It's a fruit that tastes like if a banana was made of sweet fish.
  2. Everyone has to rush to the toilet
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  3. They need a Minister of Air Conditioning
    Every place here is either amply air conditioned or hot, humid & a little stinky.
  4. Food safety doesn't exist
    Raw/cooked meat isn't chilled. Flies on stuff you just put in your mouth & swallow. Doesn't make you sick unless it's spicy. So weird.
  5. Every ad has white people in it
    Black & trans bloggers would have a field day with media representations here
  6. I've seen only one black person
    It was a guy & he had a man bun & he was at a jazz club. Seriously intimidated by his cool.
  7. Weird snacks at 7/11
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  8. Sex tourism isn't nearly as rampant as I was made to believe
    It's here tho
  9. Scooters rule the road
    If you come here, rent one, I did & drove it up & down a mountain in case you questioned my need for speed.
  10. Super spicy food isn't an elaborate sick prank
    People here really love it, but how do they digest it?
  11. Every massage place isn't "one of those places"
    Well, every massage place could be one of those places if you pay hard enough.
  12. Domestic flights are super cheap
    $30 from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. 30 dollars!!
  13. I've averaged 1.5 massages per day
    An hour foot massage costs $5 & usually features a bit of a head/neck/shoulder massage, free wifi, air conditioning & a place to recline.
  14. You can eat the food here & not get sick
    Just avoid anything spicy or too mysterious
  15. Every meal is the new "best I've ever had"
    Except McDonalds in the airport
  16. Dairy Queen here has soft serve green tea ice cream
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