I start therapy for the very first time in my entire life next week. Here are the issues I want to work on.
  1. How to motivate myself
    Sometimes I wonder if I really want anything out of my life because my actions don't match my desires. I can't get myself to be productive, despite or maybe due to desperation.
  2. Deal with paranoia
    I read too many blogs about the horrors of lax food regulations/what's really in our food, in addition to following world & American corporate news that overwhelms me with fear & discomfort. It's starting to inhibit me from living my life & consume my thoughts.
  3. Stay Disciplined
    Occasionally I'll get into a good routine & rhythm of being efficiently productive, creative, eating healthy & exercising --this never stays consistent.
  4. Family issues
    My whole family has been held emotionally hostage by my dad. Can't get much more specific than that, but it's been a trickle down to my whole family for the past 6 years with no sign of changing any time soon.
  5. Biting my cuticles
    It's a bad habit I just can't quit. I know it's a product of anxiety & nerves so hoping talking to a professional with fix me.
  6. Addicted to phone
    I can't put it down. Ever. It's giving me cancer & I know this from reading blogs about how everything we consume gives us cancer, still, can't stop, won't stop.