1. Wake up early to get back on track
    Sleep in later than ever. What's "on track"?
  2. Make lots of phone calls & send lots of emails.
    Call my mom & return two emails that I failed to reply to a week or two ago
  3. Unpack
    Clothes stay in suitcase for at least a week as I continue to live out of said suitcase until I can no longer stand myself.
  4. Lunch plans with friends and/or career contemporaries
    Eat almonds alone in my car
  5. Finish reading the book I almost read all of while away
    Let the book sit until the next time I go out of town
  6. Do laundry
    Wear clothes I'd rather not wear, but refuse to give away
  7. Get back on track with writing
    Catch up on tv I may have missed
  8. Watch a movie from my queue
    Spend hours scrolling through Netflix while being distracted by phone
  9. Clean apartment
    Write tweets & lists drafts
  10. Be productive
    💯% counterproductive