Tokyo: Day 2

@sallywallypally and I are in Tokyo. We are going to attempt to stay up late tonight & experience the night life. Stay tuned.
  1. Seems like a night time city
    For the 2nd night in a row we went to bed early because of jet lag or just general fatigue. The city did seem to liven up more once the sunset (at 5 pm) even though it was New Year's Day & lots of bars, restaurants, stores & attractions weren't open.
  2. This is a Japan only movie & I need to see it!
    Translates to "Seasons." Would see it with no subtitles.
  3. We were told "no" about a restaurant from a local who didn't speak any other English. We listened to him & ended up eating something involving raw fish that was incredible.
  4. This cuteness
    This place is just effortlessly way more cute than America.
  5. Krispy Kreme is huge here
    And it's different enough here that I don't feel guilty getting it
  6. When we see a couple where one of them is wearing a surgical mask & one isn't we call them a Mixed Marriage
  7. About 50% of people wear surgical masks
    Even babies & pets
  8. There's some sort of MMA function going on at our hotel
  9. The toilets at movie theaters or higher class places are the best for #2
    Otherwise it's just a hole you squat over
  10. I could see how Mario was created here based on how the city is laid out
    Intricate layers & different stair cases can take you through portals where you veer off the course you were on then end up back on your way. Shit is confusing here.
  11. These golf tees