Was hungover all fucking day
  1. Woke up to wife throwing up
  2. We were both hungover from drinking in Golden Gai
    But had fun drinking, but felt so sick. That's why we don't drink much, we love comfort more than fun.
  3. Found elusive ramen shop
    Thanks and sorry to @CarlosHerrera
  4. Went back to hotel to regroup
    Hangover really kicked in after eating ramen
  5. Went back to Akihabara to meet friend
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  6. Spent 3 hours in electronics superstore
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    Was crazy. 9 floors of insane top of the line electronics, toys, tech, clothes, video games, records, food & golf equipment.
  7. Arcade game repair shop
    Saw what went into how I spent lots of my childhood
  8. Did an open mic in Tokyo
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    Went to the wrong place at first & have to speed walk 20 minutes with another LA comic living here for the time being who made the same mistake. Got there and it was exactly like a mic in the states, except the guy running it was a little unsure how to make it happen correctly and did so with lots of confidence. So exactly the same as in the states. Some funny comics, mostly Japanese English speakers & a British guy.
  9. Bullet Train Sushi
    A must. Go! In shibuya.
  10. Shibuya scramble
    Like time square but way more funny and ostentatious. Super cool. Tons more people, yet orderly.