Mad at myself for not documenting the day before yesterday, but will try to remember everything
  1. Walked around Harajuku
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    Neighborhood in shibuya that's like if St. Marks in Manhattan fucked Michigan Ave in Chicago & the mom ingested a ton of radiation via sushi & electronics while pregnant. Super exhausting. Walked around there the following day just to get sweets & look at sweatpants.
  2. Went to the basement of a department store for Japanese Cheese Tart "Pablo" & found the Japanese food mother load
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    At the bottom floor of Japanese department stores they hold what can only be described as Mega-Farmers-Market-Food-Courts. But there's no place to sit & eat it. So frustrating. It's considered rude to eat out on the street. We did anyway. Got incredible sushi & wings along with the cheese tart, but wanted so much more, like Kobe beef...
  3. Japanese bake as if they were angels
    All baked goods & cheeses here are otherworldly.
  4. Took subway for first time. Met friends in Ebisu
    Our friends came here in a big group with other people we kinda know or know of & it looks fun, but sounds logistically horrifying. Seems like lots of time is lost to trying to meet up. Subway was super congested but clean & subway stations here are like clean malls that happen to offer trains to anywhere in the city. Was awesome meet up though & had a blast.
  5. Ate beef heart on a stick
    Tastes good, terrible texture. Probably meant to be slow cooked. Also had some kind of intestine on a stick, probably meant not to be eaten.
  6. Went to bed super late but couldn't sleep past 8 am.
  7. Walked over 15 miles on day 4
    Went back to Harijuku & Shibuya, walked home from Ebisu the night before
  8. Crashes a religious ceremony at a shrine inside a beautiful park forest
    Wish I knew what We had been a part of & that I had pictures of it on my phone.
  9. Conveyor belt sushi
  10. Played video games at arcade
    Awesome & beyond my imagination what video games are now, but super smoky.
  11. Got McDonald's fries
    They wouldn't let me get wasabi sauce