Tokyo: Days 7, 8 & 9

  1. Day 7: Tsujiki Fish Market
    Like San Francisco's fisherman's wharf. But way crazier. Ate incredible Toro. And other fish. And whale blubber ice cream.
  2. Mori museum
    On 52nd floor of Mori Building. If you don't know who Takashi Murakami is, look him up. Amazing art and architecture and breathe taking 360 view of all of Tokyo in daytime & night.
  3. Shichirinya
    Best meat I've ever eaten. Korean owned wagyu beef charcoal BBQ. Just the fucking best. Sat next to American college students who were Japanese & Korean. Was truly a treat. Learned a lot. Like in Japan, if you get a hole in one while golfing, you're expected to buy everyone gifts to thank them for your luck & prosperity. This is such a thing that there is also "hole in one insurance"!
  4. Walked around Shibuya
    Like if Times Square was multiplied by 7. Organized chaos. Lots of lights and things to see. Side Note: Japan is far and away more advanced technologically, among other things, yet record & CD stores seem to be thriving there.
  5. Day 8: picnic in Gyoen park Shinjuku
    In the basement of all department stores in Tokyo there is a floor of food, all different kinds, all delicious. Some prepared, some raw ingredients, some sweets, some snacks, some meals, etc. @sallywallypally and I bought a bunch of different stuff and had a picnic in Tokyo's equivalent to Central Park. Was amazing and romantic. Then we walked through the park.
  6. Cat Cafe
    You can go to different cafe's that are different animal themes. There are owls & Hawks, we went to the one where I'm allergic to the animal.
  7. Souvenir shopping
    Go to Don Quijote for all things Japanese and otherwise. Cool, weird, funny stuff.
  8. Brooklyn Parlor
    Went to a Brooklyn themed restaurant to try what burgers are like in Japan. Not bad. Nothing like Brooklyn though.
  9. Got on wrong subway line to go to do a show, realized mistake and got on the right one, just in time
  10. Did an amazing sold out comedy show with friends in Tokyo!
    Hannibal Buress was nice enough to have me open for him on this show he set up. Was surreal to say the least.
  11. Met up with college friends and did karaoke while drinking Zima & sake
    Was lots of fun & probably our latest night of the trip.
  12. Day 9/last day: so sad... Ramen
    Ramen is all pretty good there, but we happened upon a spot we found exceptional and went back there for breakfast on our last day.
  13. Bullet train sushi
    In shibuya. So cool & cheap & good. You order from a computer & the sushi flies at you on a conveyor belt after it's been made.
  14. Went back to the area near where the show venue was to go vintage shopping
    I got zubaz!
  15. More Don Quijote
    Last minute souvenirs
  16. Kobe Charcoal BBQ.
    Chasing Shichirinya. Wasn't AS good but still very good.
  17. Too overwhelmed. Went to airport early.
    But Tokyo's Haneda airport has its own mall/food court that's also incredible. We got wagyu sushi rolls and got all the last gifts we needed to get with our remaining Japanese cash.