1. How did the Black Eyed Peas trick the NBA?
  2. I hope Josh Smith gets traded to ISIS in the off season
  3. Steve Kerr could've had a post-playing career in Hollywood
  4. How painful must this be for Mark Jackson after getting fired from coaching GS?
  5. It'd be awesome if Houston extended the series
  6. Dwight Howard is a fuck boi, but is a baller
  7. Blue & yellow look ugly together.
    Only work in context of sports teams. A really bad color combo for anything other than jerseys
  8. Pronunciation of "Dwight"
  9. Conspiracy theories
    NBA & 9/11 conspiracy theories consume my life
  10. Glad Kobe is almost retired
  11. Sporting events should have instrumental music played lightly in the background
    Imagine a dope beat that changes tone based on pace of the game or the Mad Max score
  12. How is there not a meme mashing up the Seinfeld holiday Festivus with Festis Ezeli?