1. My Top 10 Favorite Ways to Fold a Letter to Your Crush
    Classic six-fold, Sanrio stationery, some origami heart shit.
  2. Why Everyone Has a Crush on Mr. Bussman
    He had the best playlists!
  3. Why No One Has a Crush on Mr. Boxdorfer
  4. How to Clean Your Clarinet
    With pictures!
  5. How to Get Your Enemies to Be Your Frenemies
    Important life skill.
  6. An Extensive Compilation of Kyle Kennedy's Interests
    And analysis. What is the meaning behind his aim screen name???
  7. My Favorite Sites for Cool MySpace Layouts
    Hours of my life, wasted.
  8. 10 Times I Sassed Mr. Rhodes
    When you become an editor on the paper and your instructor is basically a big, sexist meatball, sass ensues.
  9. Lyrics for Future Status Updates
  10. Reasons Why Maribel Lopez is My BFF and Soulmate
  11. Top 10 Sleepover Snacks
    Ice cream cookie sandwiches, pizza bagels, s'mores, assorted Cheez-It platter!
  12. What the Color of Your Vans Says About You
  13. Girls Who Hate Me for No Reason
    Go to hell-o operator.
  14. Top 10 Band Moments I Wish I Could Forget
    When I squawked during my solo, when I showed up late with wet hair for picture day, when I thought 2/2 meant play it faster.
  15. Top 5 French Curse Words
    I'm sorry, mlle Young.