Basically meat, dairy, and veggies
  1. Mushroom cheeseburger melt sin bread
  2. Goat cheese and spinach meatloaf
  3. Chicken wings, a few flavors
  4. Chicken cheese broccoli and cauliflower bake
  5. Lettuce wraps PF Chang style
  6. Chili sin beans
  7. Various Salads - Taco, Chef, Buffalo Chicken and blue cheese
  8. Buffalo chicken breasts with wedge salad
  9. Fish and grilled veggies
  10. Salsa chicken and jalepeno poppers
  11. Sashimi bowl
  12. Sausage (brats, Italian, chicken)
  13. Chicken mushroom and spinach Alfredo
  14. Chicken enchilada zucchini boats
  15. Stuffed poblano pepper
  16. Vegetable soup
  17. Pot roast with cauliflower mash
  18. Crab cakes
  19. Burbon salmon
  20. Stir Fry without Rice
  21. Pecan chicken