1. Forgotten presents in one (belated bday, housewarming, christmas, and new years)
    I guess my friend felt bad? Though i'm just grateful for her existence in general. She is just a beautiful person!
  2. New pair of shiny black shoes with velvet bows that replaced my 3-yr-old oxford shoes i refer to as Michael (as in michael jackson)
    The fancy black and gold Michael had a hole at the bottom that would soak up my right foot when it rained (i still wore it for another month on dry days)
  3. Laundry, done. After a week of procrastination
    After finals weeks and after a week of vacation i finally managed to carry bags of black clothes(i only had one piece of white tshirt, reflects on new york taste in color i guess) to the laundromat three blocks away! Ha
  4. Beautiful friends and the documentary about serial killers
    So in the company of my good friends we watched the much-talked-about series about Robert Durst, called the Jinx. Amazingly terrifying.
  5. Prix d'Honneur
    Found my French poem recital award while i was organizing my place, and i put it up on my desk! I recited Mon Rêve Familier, beautiful poem, although i wouldnt know bc i've never read any other french poems. Haha
  6. Teaching English
    I am a foreigner from Korea who loves English, it makes my day to just share that with students who just wanna get better and Be American. I remember wishing i was a native here, oh the good old days.