inspired by @kvetching (tried to do it ranked, it was too hard) note: bruce springsteen would be on here, but if I suddenly woke up as him I would absolutely have a heart attack and die. and I do NOT want to be responsible for the boss' death (also, would that mean I would die too??? Yikes. point is, I love him but it would be a catastrophe)
  1. Vladimir Putin
    Arguably the most powerful person on the planet. And I'm a Slytherin, so...
  2. Ziad Fazah
    The guy who (supposedly) fluently speaks the most languages in the world (58!!!!)
  3. Rowan Blanchard
    I'm older than her but also want to be her when I grow up?
  4. David Enelow
    My English teacher this year, also the wisest person I know.
  5. JK Rowling
    The Best
  6. either of my dogs
    Yes, I know they aren't people, but I've always been curious as to whether or not they get bored just sitting home alone