1. Beauty and the Beast
    That's right. Just cuz I'm Indian doesn't mean Aladdin is my number 1 favorite Disney movie. Belle is the best princess tbh
  2. Aristocats
    Fan-freaking-tastic movie. Just amazing
  3. Aladdin
    Okay but I am still Indian so obvi Aladdin would be top 3 😊 also I'm pretty sure I (and every other Indian girl) was Jasmine for one Halloween
  4. Jungle Book
    The vultures were great just like everything about this movie
  5. Lion King
    Timon & Pumba are the best dads a cub could ask for.
  6. Sleeping Beauty
    I was obsessed with the name Aurora as a child. Also I still frequently get "Once Upon a Dream" stuck in my head. And Merriwether (sp?) was just fantastic
  7. Little Mermaid
    Ariel was kinda stupid tbh but Prince Eric? 😍😍😍
  8. Snow White
    Literally the only reason I don't like this movie is cuz when the queen turned into that evil hag the younger me was absolutely terrified and I am still scarred by that tbh
  9. Mulan
    Again idk why this movie never clicked with me - I know a lot of people love it.
  10. Cinderella
    I could not stand the step family!! And like finding your one true love based on one shoe? Next!
  11. Pochantas
    I mean it was good not great. Never clicked with this movie. (But colors of the wind was phenomenal)