Short answer: you don't.
  1. You can befriend a really nice soul and have them be your chauffeur
    This might be your best bet
  2. Befriend multiple people and rotate them as you need when you begin planning places to go to
    Best bet número dos
  3. Learn the VTA system
    Closest thing to a subway system the South Bay has
  4. Learn the bus system
    The website for the VTA and the bus are pretty much the same and v confusing to read understand
  5. Learn how to combine the bus and VTA system for maximum mobility
    I don't know how much walking is involved though
  6. Uber was invented
    But depends on how much moola you can shell out
  7. Lyft was invented too
    Yay for price competitors!
  8. Of course the Caltrain is there
    It'll take you from SF to the South Bay no problem. North to south and vice versa done
  9. But odds are that your destination in the South Bay is not near the cal train stop
    Oops.. Gotta go severely south then severely west amirite?
  10. The BART takes care of the north east side of the Bay Area
    Berkeley✔️ Oakland✔️ Fremont ✔️ That's about it
  11. The south east side is like no go
    Girls, seriously, don't walk alone in the dark anyways #commonsense
  12. You can try renting cars via Zipcar
    But on a regular basis? Shell out more moola?
  13. Biking is good for local trips
    Oh the stereotypical start up-iness attitude
  14. Hmm motorcycle rentals?
    Not sure if this concept exists but you will be detested by the freeway folk during rush hours
  15. Why can't you walk?
    Do you want to walk from Cupertino to Mountain View? Map the distance 👣 Exactly
  16. Maybe I should just get a car then
    Calculate your ROI bc hashtag oil prices and hashtag green efforts but you'll love California anyways 🚘