I don't think I've had a flight where I haven't forgotten something. I'm a notorious pack rat, so I really have to think long and hard if I need something, and as a result I forget or let go some things I actually do need
  1. Lotion (hands get dry, hotel may not provide)
  2. Chapstick!!! Ugh dry lips man, people stare at you so hard
  3. Comb or hairbrush (bed hair or plane hair? No one will ever know)
  4. Gum (I actually never know if I actually need it, because it's a cavity giver anyways, and if you drink the cold water after chewing gum, your mouth gets ridiculously cold)
  5. Socks (cold feet come at the worst times)
  6. Jacket (THIS HAS TO BE THE WORST THING TO FORGET like why AC why)