1. The Gazillion Bubble Show
    It exists. On W 50th. There are a *lot* of bubbles in it. And I could enjoy expensive Sour Patch Kids and Goldfish during it.
  2. Uber with Car Seats
    It also exists.
  3. High Line train tracks aren't long enough
    If one of your passions in life is trains, the High Line is just a tease with its little snippets of train tracks.
  4. People there are really kind deep down
    I was carrying kid 2 and it started raining. I started awkwardly running. A lady I passed just flat out offered me the umbrella she was using... twice! I'm pretty sure this wouldn't have happened in the Bay Area.
  5. Subways sounds are scary and everywhere
    I didn't realize how often you do hear the subway when you're not on said subway.
  6. Lady Liberty's index finger is the length of an adult
    File under important trivia to remember. And reasons I wish I had punched in the kids version of the audio tour.
  7. Send kids under the turnstile first when riding subway
    Trying to walk a kid through the turnstile in front of you just doesn't work. Make the kid (up to 3 ride free!) go under.
  8. Legit looking restaurants may not be equipped for takeout (or leftover boxes)
    Kind of crazy. But I guess you can operate and just not have insurance to support takeout boxes.