I touristed pretty hard today. Far and wide.
  1. This super weird Jesus statue
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    The Cloisters are beautiful and the artifacts are awe-inspiring. This one though, not so much.
  2. This arm reliquary...
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    "When carried in procession, this imposing image of the saint's arm raised in blessing could be seen clearly by the faithful." Huh!
  3. Pink house in The Village!
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  4. This delicious sandwich
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    before I devoured it. Thanks Katz's.
  5. This ceiling at the Morgan Library and Museum.
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    Which I'd never heard of but which is really very cool and worth it. (and when you're saving all the big museums to see with your husband you've gotta spend your time somehow!) They have 3 Gutenberg Bibles!
  6. And then the Hemingway exhibit
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    which was perfect and wonderful and intense and everything that a Hemingway exhibit should be in that it instilled joy in the core of my deepest heart.
  7. One of my all time favorite buildings
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    Something about those curved walls just really does it for me.