A Conversation I Had on the Whisper App

So for context, you're anonymous on the whisper app.
  1. Starting off so well
  2. Lol this guy is probably 13. Definitely not showing my 8's
  3. Trying to educate this guy that breasts are actually attached and sometimes not all that fun
  4. Either he's on to me or he literally has no clue
  5. So now I'm trying to figure out what he thinks a cup size 8 is
  6. Bless you? They're not magical lol
  7. I actually kinda wanted to watch Home Alone. I thought about just leaving the conversation for 90 minutes and then being like "lol good joke"
  8. He apologized. But from experience that doesn't mean he's sorry at all, or even that he will stop asking to see my boobs
  9. Aww this guy is definitely 12. Or a college guy. Adults like sponge bob these days right?
  10. Confession time. And also I wanna leave the conversation and go watch home alone
  11. Womp there it is
  12. I guess this isn't as funny as it was to me when it happened. Home Alone is still good though.