1. I LOVE to crochet
    Currently creating a blanket out of (you guessed it) granny squares
  2. My wrists are stiff though, so I can't crochet as much as I want.
    It's totally arthritis, isn't it?
  3. I bake a lot
    I have a combined micro/convection oven which is a pain but it works ok. I've been stress-baking brownies a lot lately.
  4. I hoard shit
    Idk if this is my moms fault or if my former life was during the Great Depression, I have spares of all kinds of things. I'm working on not doing this because of space.
  5. I own an abundance of cardigans. I never have enough.
    So many colors, lengths, patterns!!
  6. I always have useful things in my purse
    Bandaids, Bobby pins, scissors, a snack. It's not as bad as it used to be, since I limited myself to a much smaller (not as back-breaking) purse. For a while I carried yarn in my purse but I couldn't limit myself to two colors, so I started bringing a net with several skeins.