1. Album: "Anus" by Alaska Thunderfuck 5000. My fave. Pussy is such a cute song. I know, but just go with it.
  2. Album: "California Nights" by Best Coast. They're sooooooo goooooooddddddddddddddddddd
  3. Song: "Thick Thighs" by Willam Belli feat. Latrice Royale. Also check out "Only Anally" by willam hahahaha
  4. Album:"Taxidermy" by Sharon Needles. I have the album art as my lock screen it's so gorgeous. I honestly haven't heard music by Sharon before this album (I'm a new drag race-Stan, sue me) and I didn't know what to expect.
  5. My typical depressed playlist, which I'll make another list about
  6. Teitur. I saw his Ted talk on YouTube and it's really mellow and cool.