according to my fitness pal. (it's an app I don't have any fitness pals, ew) (i mean. not ew, I'm just jealous) (and by jealous I mean lazy lol)
  1. Breakfast: A smoothie
    With banana, black berries, rice/coconut milk and fucking Chia seeds. Wtf. And coffee.
  2. Lunch: Two hard boiled eggs
  3. Second lunch: coco puffs.
    Lol it struck me that I'd had no added sugar today and I am a sugar addict so I went and bought sugary cereal and then ate 400 kcal worth of cereal.
  4. Snack: more cereal
  5. Dinner: a fucking salad with chicken.
    I added frickin rosehip vinegar to it. It was so good. And diet orange soda.
  6. Dessert: 37 kcal brownie
    Except I added sugar and icing so it's 107 kcal Brownies.
  7. Total: about 1500 kcal.
  8. More snacks: Two lollipops.