1. Meditation
    I wanna learn to let go and be in the moment for a while, I feel like I have awful patience/concentration
  2. Yoga
    I wanna be flexible and also mindful and shit. Also I want to exercise
  3. To sit down and read a book
    I want to get lost in a book, honestly. My friends are all about books and I feel kind of left out but also kind of indignant?
  4. To be a better listener
    I fucking hate when people waffle on and on but it might be an academic thing or maybe I'm just shit at listening to people?
  5. To be a better talker
    As mentioned, I hate wafflers, so when I do talk, it's usually a comment or I speed-talk to get my point across because of interrupters
  6. To be a better sharer
    I want to reach out but every time I verbal use what I feel, it feels insignificant and stupid
  7. To be a better student
    I have not read a word of the curriculum since week three of second semester. So far, I haven't failed but I've been close and that sucks.
  8. Working out
    I want to exercise.