1. I'm only 23.
    For several years now, people have guessed my age up to 5 years above my actual age.
  2. I'm messy as fuck
    People seem to think I have my shit together
  3. I'm slightly hoarder-ish
    Not in a like 'haha I like order so I'm totally ocd' but like in a 'I can't throw out this really insignificant thing because it reminds me of an insignificant time in my life but every part of my life is important and I need to reminisce'. It's really stupid and I want to declutter but I'm so nostalgic and sentimental. But I say 'slightly' because I'm not buried in stuff and it's an actually serious thing idk sorry
  4. I LOVE drag queens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My faves change all the time, but I love Alaska and Katya always. I'm bummed Kim chi didnt win
  5. I crochet giant dicks.
    I haven't done it in a while because usually people expect it for free because they think it's a joke, but yarn and stuffing costs money and it takes an hour or two depending on how fast I work and if my wrist hurts.
  6. I can be brazenly honest about certain things
    Which makes people think they ~know everything about me lol. No I'm so repressed