Hello my day has been quite uneventful but today was a good day. Ish.
  1. Wake up at 6:30. Nope. Can't do it.
  2. Keep snoozing. At 9 I notice my building is shaking slightly for a second. I think 'wow it must be suuuper windy today'.
  3. I find out that the neighboring building's balcony collapsed. No one got hurt.
  4. I finally get out of bed at 9:30 and take my vitamins and get dressed and made up
  5. The fish oil capsules I take are disgusting. I need to eat breakfast with them because I hate how they make me burp and I taste the fish. Ew
  6. I decide to buy a croissant. Feel very judged at bus stop for eating it right then and there. Decide I don't care what other people think.
  7. Uneventful lecture. Crochet. Find out its Pi(e) day (3.1416) so I force my friends to go eat pie
  8. We walk all over town doing everything EXCEPT eat pie ughhhh I'm so tired
  9. The cafe we wanted is closed. Why don't they write this in their website ugh
  10. We go to denmark's version of Denny's. Decide to get actual lunch instead of pie. What has this day turned into
  11. Coffeeeeeee.
  12. I walk home, it's totally spring now. It's so mild and I'm wearing a very warm cardigan. Yay?
  13. I filter the cold brewed coffee I've made. Yay I'm getting iced coffee tomorrow !
  14. Have an extensive snapversation with my sister.
  15. Listen to grace helbig' podcast with Frankie grande