I want to leave FB but I can't ...
  1. Love: keeping up with friends :-) (even when they do brag about their awesome lives and superhuman kids)
  2. Hate: everybody has an opinion. And they all feel entitled to share said opinion. But only all the time.
  3. Love: connecting with other special needs parents ❤️
  4. Hate: cooking videos. So. Many. Let's be honest people... You're never going to make those s'mores waffle doughnuts. And they are making me hungry.
  5. Love: funny posts. I am excessively diverted. (Seriously, how much time have I wasted on FB?)
  6. Hate: ignorance. Enough said.
  7. Love and hate: animal memes and videos. So cute and funny... but seriously, I've seen too many.