I focused on decluttering my beauty obsession first and anyone who knows me would probably shit a brick at my progress. This shit was HARD.
  1. 79 Total products decluttered
    Not including a ridiculous amount of samples
  2. 28 products sold ($267.20)
    Many of these were limited edition products I had hardly or never touched.
  3. 14 products listed to be sold
  4. 7 items returned
    Some are waiting to be returned because I am testing out a few other things that are unused and possibly getting this number higher
  5. 7 products trashed
    Expiration dates are no joke, some of that stuff smelled off. 👎🏻 so wasteful.
  6. 20 products given away
    My soon to be sister in law left with sooo much stuff
  7. 3 products used up
    So far! I have a bunch of stuff I plan to use up in the near future before I can use new stuff that I got to replace them or before I can purchase new items.
  8. 2 empty drawers in my organizer