Here's a brief overview of our constant communication
  1. Food
    @poweronyourvcr always eating something amazing in Nashville
  2. Pokemon
    She's gonna be the very best and I'm over here still waiting for my app to load.
  3. Random shit that we end up turning into lists
    Can't stop, won't stop.
  4. Work work work work work
    And how we aren't really doing any
  5. Food again
    Seriously why are there no good food places here?!
  6. Online shopping
    No joke I added all of my info to her existing Nordstrom account so all of our purchases came out of my bank account and we had to be on the phone with two Nordstrom employees to fix it. I also forgot my social and looked like the biggest moron in like 3,000 ways.
  7. In store shopping
    She called me once to give me a play by play of everything she was looking at. I think we were on the phone for 3 hours and it was wonderful. It's not our fault my dad handed me his phone with her on the other end, what was he expecting?
  8. Reminiscing about our poor life choices
    And the hilarious stories we took away from them
  9. Pokemon
  10. More food
    Is there a time of day for dessert? Cause in Nashville it's always. Here it's when I'm crying into my vanilla ice cream because MORGANTOWN SUCKS.
  11. Drinks
    Wine/tequila is our favorite combo. I wouldn't recommend(I would but umm, well you'll see).
  12. Harry Potter
    She's making a robe that looks 💣.
  13. Coffee
    It's totally normal to get more midday. Even if I'm sad and call my chai lattes coffee because I'm embarrassed. I'm doing it for my migraines don't judge me(it's horrible).
  14. List app
    List is life, especially when you're trending all the time. She can't help it she's a cool cat(still waiting on the cat emoji with the sunglasses Apple)
  15. Music
    She's the best at finding good stuff, I will forever be obsessed with Josh abbot band because of her. And everything else I've listened to since 2000.
  16. Food
    Cause is there really anything more important to talk about? Let me live through you while I eat chicken for the 193392947490 night in a row.