1. Anything Audrey Hepburn
  2. Books of any shape, size, color, or genre
  3. Clothes
    Preferably featuring a graphic or quote from something else on this list
  4. Dog toys/treats
    My fur babies need love too
  5. Eyeshadow brushes
    Really any makeup brushes
  6. Fall candles
    I just ran out
  7. Glitter
    It's the herpez of crafting supplies
  8. Harry Potter anything
    Literally anything
  9. It cosmetics
    Pretty much anything
  10. Jeep stuff
    I have an obsession. She's old but going strong.
  11. Kat Von D
    Anything. Also her tattoo liner.
  12. Lindt white chocolate truffles
    Idk why I just love the white chocolate ones
  13. Milkyway bars
  14. Note cards/stationary
    Preferably that has room for doodling
  15. Ofra liquid lipsticks X Kathleenlights collabs
    Cause I have all of her other collabs
  16. Pokemon anything
    I won't say no to digimon either
  17. Qvc makeup
    Only the good brands though I don't want some mystery infomercial shit.
  18. Reese's anything
  19. Starbucks gift cards
  20. Tolkien inspired stuff
    Elves are my favorite
  21. Universal prefect pin
    Because mine fell off my backpack and I'm still sad. (In blue-GO RAVENCLAW)
  22. Volpix sticker? Stuffed animal? Card? Idc
  23. Willy Wonka Golden Ticket
  24. X-tremely lame jokes
    You try to think of something for x. Don't even comment xylophone players. Do they make pocket xylophones? This is a serious question. Well do they?
  25. Yugio cards
    Bet you didn't think I'd come up with anything for Y but you were wrong. P.s I've been watching it on your Hulu account, sorry.
  26. Zoo animal stickers
    I used to keep sticker books. Judge me.