1. "Bad coworker is saying all kinds of nasty untrue things about you" -good coworker
    My boss is gonna believe her and im gonna get fired.
  2. "Just keep a log of everything you do, then you can prove she's lying" -good coworker
    Some days there's nothing to do. I'm gonna get fired.
  3. Coworker calls "hey how was everything this weekend? Oh really because you forgot to get more folders it's the end of the world and all your fault"
    I'm gonna get fired.
  4. "There was some trash in the bathroom trash can, if this continues there will be disciplinary action" *cc boss*
    I'm gonna get fired.
  5. "Clearly everyone is having issues with you it's not that hard" (about something I was doing correctly she just didn't actually read my email)
    I'm gonna get fired.
  6. Boss won't answer ANY of my emails
    I'm gonna get fired.
  7. Text: "Come in tomorrow for a meeting with me" -Boss
    Oh my god I'm getting fired. (I hope this is my anxiety speaking and not real life)
  8. I might throw up.