Since I'm constantly breaking phones (I'm on 5c #3) and apple hates users not using the newest version I only have 8 gigs (okay four after all the apps they force me to have that I don't use) so here are my favorite apps that I use with my limited space
  1. List app!
    DUH- I love how funny/witty everyone is! This provides my boring life with endless entertainment even though I feel creepy commenting on strangers posts. They're always complements so I guess people can't hate me too much... right? (Right?)
  2. Instagram
    While my grid most definitely is not impressive and I don't post artsy or even well taken photos, I love that I can creep on people's lives without having to deal with long winded rants about politics or other things equally as likely to get other social media users fired up.
  3. Pinterest
    If you don't spend half of your day looking at perfect outfits/makeup/hair/room designs/food/coffee cups with funny anecdotes than what are you actually doing with your time? (Seriously what are you doing?)
  4. Evil Apples
    I've forced this on all of my iPhone friends (and most of my android friends via old iPods/iPads). Don't ask just get it (and play me).
  5. Poshmark
    I sell clothing on here to pay for necessities in life. Like more clothes I don't need and Starbucks. Speaking of Starbucks...
  6. Starbucks app!
    I feel bad when my phone doesn't scan.... cause my screen is cracked... But honestly fixing it would mean no coffee for like a month! I guess that's not that long....
  7. Snapchat!
    Do it for the filters! But don't snap me cause I hate snapping people... Except my sister and my best friend... My face doesn't photograph well. (I'm ugly guys leave me along... Unless you want to see me as a dog)