1. Kris Letang
    I want to do cool handshakes and maybe assault him with my mouth...
  2. Dax Shephard and Kristen Bell
    Because they're fucking awesome and I'm convinced Kristen Bell would be the coolest best friend.
  3. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds
    Because, duh. They are the second coolest celebrity couple after Kristen and Dax
  4. The entire cast of Harry Potter
    Just so my bridal shower can be even more authentic. Guys @poweronyourvcr made Hogwarts letters and Hogwarts express tickets and that's only the beginning
  5. Josh Abbott
    So he could sing to make up for that time I got tickets and my dickhead friend ditched me the night of. Even though I'd probably ugly cry because front row seat gives me so many feels. Also his ex wife so they can get back together because how can you write songs like this about someone and not fucking do everything in your power to save your love. DAMNIT JOSH
  6. The entire Murphy Family
    To secretly marry my Mary off to one of the boys so I have an excuse to go to their family gatherings. Also because I feel like my family would try to outdo theirs and that would be hilarious
  7. I'm sure there's more but I can't save drafts so all you get is half assed lists from now on. THANKS, TRUMP.
    Is that a thing yet? No...? Cool.