Inspired by @NumbahTwo
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    😍 - completely obsessed: Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Christmas
    My birthday is December 21 so of course growing up the Christmas one was my favorite. Falling in love during a snowball fight?! Come on guys this is perfect.
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    😍 - completely in love: Beauty and the Beast
    She's a brunette who LOVES BOOKS. She's basically perfect although In real life I probably would have given Gaston and his chest hair a chance. Can't imagine how @NumbahTwo didnt love all of the singing miscellaneous objects but he can still be my guest anyway!
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    😄 - Sleeping Beauty
    All you need to know is me and my mother danced around the room singing once upon a dream at the top of our lungs in front of my lifelong crush. I regret nothing. We may have also done this while hiking on Mother's Day. We scared children but that's their parents fault for not letting them watch the movie so many times that they knew all the words!
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    😄 - Cinderella
    I would choose the Disney version over the actual version but I'd be lying if I said I didn't have both versions in book form. How can you not love all of the mice?! SHE MAKES THEM LITTLE CLOTHES ITS ADORABLE! A dream is a wish your heart makes and my heart is wishing for Cinderellis happiness.
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    😄 - The Little Mermaid
    Me and my best friend played the little mermaid at our babysitters but it was hard because we didn't have water so you just couldn't use your legs. I'm realizing how lucky I am that Kacy went along with this terrible game idea. Also I'd be lying if I didn't always wish Ariel was one of her prettier brunette sisters.
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    😄 - Aladdin
    I love everything about this and if you try to argue how it's racist or whatever I will continuously throw things at you and scream BOOOOO. My BF played Aladdin in a play when he was younger and he sings all of the songs which is glorious.
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    😀 - Hercules
    I don't care if this doesn't technically count. I loved Megara. In fact I wore Megara pajamas for a very very long embarrassing amount of time. I'm talking like every night. Here's a picture of me trying to make it work as an actual outfit. How can you not love this movie?!
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    😀 - Frozen
    I mean Elsa is an idiot for not being honest with her sister. Mine would never be that dumb but she would totally give her life to save mine. I'd still be jealous of her snow powers forever because I was the one born on the first day of winter! The music is wonderful how can you not love "finish each other's sandwiches?" "Put me in winter and I'll be a..." come on.
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    😀 - Pocahontas
    This was what everyone called drunk party me in college. Also my favorite costume I made for Halloween. It ripped half way through the night because I didn't leave enough room for my butt. The real Pocahontas would not approve! The love story isn't my favorite but I mean come on! You can paint with all the colors of the wind! She's so in touch with nature! Also her husband to be is hot as hell how did she pick the white dude?
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    🙂 - Snow White
    Not one of my favorites because I wasn't super into Snow White but the dwarves are kinda cool. I stopped watching this as a young girl because one day when @poweronyourvcr wasnt on the bus (I sat in the back with her because I was bullied by her bullies younger sister. They were c**** at a young age. I hate and never use that word so you know I feel strongly) but anyway her friends played me hi ho hi ho it's off to bed we go. I cried.
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    🙂 - Brave
    I love love love her accent and her hair. I agree it's a little intense for kids but I definitely enjoyed it!
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    🙂 - Tangled
    It was a cute movie and I'll keep watching it with my little cousin but it's not as good as the classics.
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    😐 - Mulan
    I loved the computer game but I just couldn't get behind her character. There's not a ton about this movie that I really liked tbh.
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    ☚ī¸ - Princess and the Frog
    Props to her for working her ass off but I just didn't care for this one.