1. Anything related to my anxiety
    I'm considering taking medication for this, does anyone else? Has it helped anyone? I need pros/cons.
  2. Anything related to depression
    I feel like I was misdiagnosed and this is mostly the result of untreated anxiety and bad luck.
  3. Relationship stuff
    I feel the need to write it down when I'm frustrated but then feel super bad that I'm making my BF look bad when in reality he has totally gotten his shit together for me and treats me extremely well. He is also a spoiled brat and sometimes annoys the shit out of me. Wouldn't trade him for the world though.
  4. Family drama lists
    If they ever found this app I would be worried. Plus @poweronyourvcr is much funnier with these types of lists.
  5. Inspired lists that took me too long to write
    I love saving great list titles but I'm afraid if I take too long the people who did them forever ago will be totally creeped out.
  6. Half written lists about random nonsense
    If I get distracted mid list chances are I will probably forget whatever I was trying to say.
  7. Lists of ridiculous nonsense I've heard in public
    People should really watch the things they say in public. I always feel like I'm invading their privacy even if their ignorance was humorous to me. I think I've deleted all of these lists.
  8. Lists I redid better the second time around
    Sometimes you just have to junk your first draft. I'm funnier some days than others.
  9. Lists about how much I hate my job.
    It helps to list it out but I don't like publishing them because I'm super bitchy and no one cares. Funny lists Sarah, people like funny lists.
  10. A list about an actress with the same name as me.
    My BF loves this show on syfy called killjoys and the first name in the credits is Sarah Power. He gets pumped every time the show ends lmao it's adorable.
  11. Strange lines guys have used on me
    It creeped me out too much trying to make this list
  12. Conversation starters randoms from high school used to force me into social interaction
    Going to college in the same town as your high school leads to so many awkward encounters. They were all very lame.
  13. Things that make me upset when pmsing
    I cry a lot over the dumbest shit. Never watch a movie with me I will either make fun of it the entire way through or cry there is no in between.
  14. There's more. I still have 27 drafts 🙈