We've all had that moment of severe intoxication where we just found the right words through someone else's song... Right? Maybe just me.... Include your song and backstory so I know we aren't the only ones @poweronyourvcr @darshnim
  1. Only Prettier by Miranda Lambert
    I will never kareoke but this one time I had no self control. I hate the girl my old roommate is dating. She hit him in the face at the bar once and I lunged at her and had to be restrained by the rest of our guy friends (who also dislike her). So my solution was to request only prettier and sing it at her with both middle fingers up. Not my most proud moment but it was a good song choice 👌🏼 fun fact: my BF is letting them stay at our house this week.
  2. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift
    Once, when wine/tequila drunk, I cranked this up on 102 WVAQ in the passenger seat of a red overcompensator (two door sports car). When the fool who it applied to groaned "I'm not trying to listen to Taylor Swift" I responded by making sure my voice drowned hers out. All the way to the bar. With a very enthusiastic "like, ever."
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