@mindy you created solid gold. These are my favorite most relatable moments. I'm obsessed.
  1. "You have to have an itinerary that's how you maximize fun time per hour"
    I want to put this on a loop so I can play it to Tyler every time he refuses to plan ahead for anything.
  2. "After a morning like that our pores are gonna be a mess"
    I can't convince my BF and his friends that skincare after a night of drugs is the way to go. I mean a night of... um...
  3. "The key is to find a guy that you find attractive but don't respect and you can't see a future with" "Draco malfoy"
  4. "Can I get you a drink?" "Vodka" "vodka and what?" "Nothing just like in a Dixie cup that's cool. If you have some corn chips I find that corn chips go very well with vodka"
    Replace vodka with whiskey and yes yes yes.
  5. "Your secret is safe with me because I don't care and I'll probably forget"
  6. "Best friend isn't a person it's a tier"
    I try to explain this to people regularly
  7. Giphy