The main thing I'm focusing on is using up products and decluttering so that when we move in the next year I will not have to go through the torture I did last October.
  1. Trashed products: 4
  2. Used up products: 6
  3. Products given away: 13
    This is relative because my friend brought me all of her samples(this box full to be exact) and I passed the majority on to my future sister in law (this ended up doubling in size because I was being stupid to begin with and keeping way more than I should have). It started with the bag I stuffed full and evolved into way more than what is pictured. I filled one of my old makeup organizer drawers for skincare and hair care samples I kept and the second drawer is full of makeup I want to pan.
  4. Items returned: 26
    This section amazes me every time. I returned $200 worth of stuff in two days (while my friend was here) since now I have tons of free samples to try out. I ended up buying 5 lotions at bath and body works that day but ended up returning them all because even though they smelled amazing it was migraine central.
  5. Beauty items sold: 3
  6. Clothing items sold: 2
    I end up returning so much or giving away so much and it is honestly so wasteful it makes me cringe. My main goal is to stop doing this even when friends are visiting and influencing me to spend irresponsibly. I'm debating doing a no buy for next month.