I didn't include every guy on Gilmore girls because I don't think anyone was romantically interested in Taylor, Kirk, that guy that hit on Rory and Lorelei, or the town troubadour, you know it could get a little excessive...
  1. 11.
    Marty sucks. Literally in every episode he sucks. He's always whining about something and making Rory lie to her friend?! What a shitty character.
  2. 10.
    Jason was a total tool. I could never get over the feeling of him doing something shady all the time. I don't trust Jason. Jason sucked.
  3. 9.
    Zack kind of sucks. He's not funny or smart. He's not interesting. Lane is so cool and Zack is just not.
  4. 8.
    Ugh. The flashback episode when Gigi is being born BREAKS MY HEART. There were so many times I wanted this to work because Lorelei did but he just all around is unreliable and fucks up her life every single time. Luke punching him in the face is one of my all time favorite moments. (How is there not a gif of this moment?!)
  5. 7.
    There were some points where dean was alright but from the beginning it was clear he wasn't good enough to be Rory's forever. He's kind of boring and cheating on your wife Dean really? Lindsay is annoying but still that's a crappy move. Also he was super goofy looking at first and is now so hot.
  6. 6.
    Lane should have ended up with Dave. He literally did everything possible to get her moms approval and just was an all around nice and sweet guy. Dave is so much better than Zack. Exponentially better.
  7. 5.
    He is incredibly charming but his family SUCKS. He also sucks a lot at points. I was kind of really happy she didn't accept his proposal...
  8. 4.
    Max Medina
    WHY DOES EVERYONE FORGET MAX?! Max was perfect and Lorelei majorly fucked up when she let him go. If she wasn't going to end up with Luke, Max was def her best alternative. He was smart and charming as hell. Ugh I just love Max Medina.
  9. 3.
    He's so grumpy but so lovable. He's the perfect opposite for Lorelei and is always doing whatever random things she needs and putting up with her craziness. Plus he owns a diner. Who wouldn't want a handsome man pouring their coffee all the time. Yes please.
  10. 2.
    I actually loved Tristin and not just because Chad Michael Murray is 🔥. He is though. Really hot. Also he was crushing on Rory so hard and I loooooved the way they were with each other. WHO WOULD CHOOSE DEAN OVER TRISTIN?!
  11. 1.
    Every time I watch through all of the seasons I want Jess and Rory to end up together. He makes me FURIOUS the way he treats her sometimes, like the dumb blonde girl come on Jess! But he also gets her so well and HES SO HOT. Like damn. Swoon.