Inspired by everyone who did this list already and Disney giving everyone perfect hair.
  1. Rapunzel
    My hair takes forever to grow and I like it super long.
  2. Ariel
    Stays perfect even when she's in water. I come out of the pool/ocean/lake looking like medusa.
  3. Pocahontas
    Her hair blows beautifully in the wind and is never getting stuck in her lipgloss, bonus points because this is what my drunk friends called me my freshman year of college when I was tan and had super long hair.
  4. Elsa
    So much volume! I can never get volume in my braids.
  5. Jane
    Her hair color is the exact color I want my hair to be.
  6. Megaera
    Do I even need to explain?!
  7. Jasmine
    If only I could rock a headband like she can rock a headband.
  8. Belle
    Keep trying to master this half up half down thing she's got perfectly in place.
  9. Aurora
    Perfectly bouncy. No products will do this for me.
  10. Merida
    Perm dreams come true.