In no particular order
  1. The Malfoys
    The only family on the street that doesn't come to the street party.
  2. The Weasleys
    Blue collar best friends. We would get into lots of shenanigans and @poweronyourvcr would probably develop some weird feelings for Percy.
  3. Tonks and Lupin
    Our super cool next door neighbors. We were so excited the day they moved in because they are two of the nicest, smartest, and funniest people you'll ever meet.
  4. Snape
    Moms ex that was a psycho and never got over her. Sends her weird notes in the mail about how he's okay but still remembers what shampoo she used to use.
  5. Hermione
    Marys best friend. Judges Joe for his awful spelling and me for all of my air head moments. Secretly wishes she had two other siblings so they could be better than us. (Comes around eventually when I'm older and stop following her around asking her what spice girl she'd be)
  6. Harry
    Joes best friend. They are always doing things they shouldn't do and giving Ron crap. They have a running joke that everything is his fault.
  7. Luna
    The strange female friend my brother has that no one understands. Has an obvious enormous crush on him even though it's clear he will never return the feelings. Continues to hang around and say awkward things at weird times. The other guys accept her presence because boobs.
  8. Serius Black
    Dads best friend/our awesome uncle. Acts like everyone's godfather even though he's only officially mine. The most reliable and charming family member. We all get super pumped when he comes to visit.
  9. Cho Chang
    The girl at the end of the street no one actually wants to hang out with. Outside games turn into inside games when we see her coming down the street. Calls all the time even though we clearly avoid her. Mary hates her.
  10. Hagrid
    The kind hearted neighbor behind the house. Is eccentric but so lovable. Always breeding some kind of animal and offering them to us as pets. Our parents always say no.
  11. Barty Crouch
    Our creepy uncle by marriage. Gives everyone bad feelings. We try to avoid inviting him to things as much as possible.
  12. Albus Dumbledore
    Our wise grandpa who we love to pieces but never stays anywhere for more than an hour.
  13. Neville
    Another one of my brothers friends. Is pretty quiet and takes a lot of abuse. Ron always invites him over so he isn't the one getting picked on. He's never sure whether he's liked or not.
  14. Minerva McGonagall
    Moms best friend. She always gives great advice. Don't try to misbehave because she knows everyone and everything and mom is so going to find out.