I'm ready for this awful year to be over
  1. To be kinder to myself
    Sometimes other people's wording or actions have the ability to make me internalize problems I think they are perceiving. I want to work on being unapologetic for my anxiety and all of the side effects that stem from it.
  2. To make my actions reflect the healthier version of me I aspire to be
    To eat healthier so I feel better, to find hobbies that will relax me and better my mental health, to read books when I'm stressed instead of drinking or shopping the stress away(which never works anyway).
  3. To focus on my minimalist goals and further them
    I have way less anxiety when my environment is clean and organized and also when my bank account is full. I want to focus on needs and only reward myself with wants occasionally. The goal is to want/need less and to find satisfaction in other things.
  4. To keep track of my mental health, physical health, and hopes for the future
    I've been given several very detailed planners to use as tools for this goal. I am extremely excited to utilize them!
  5. To become better at compromising so I feel happy with the decision and not like I'm constantly giving up more and to stop expecting others to see/appreciate how much I'm giving
    I want to focus on doing nice things for others without giving expectations that I will do anything that is asked if me(I do currently) so that I don't get angry at others when I'm overextending myself.
  6. To get a good job and be able to help our family be more stable financially
    Even if it's a job I don't love.
  7. To set aside more time to read and less time mindlessly watching tv
    I've been in kind of a slump lately and doing nothing to help myself get out of it. This is one small thing that is still enjoyable that will make me feel a little more like the better version of myself.
  8. To work on communicating in a healthy way
    I HATE arguing and sometimes this makes me a bad communicator. There is nothing that makes me cringe more than trying to articulate my feelings and having the other person receive them incorrectly. Sometimes I let that stop me from trying. Other times this makes me so frustrated I could scream. I usually just cry. A lot. I also want to work on that.
  9. To only communicate with people who are genuine
    Part of this was getting a new phone number so the ghosts of my past will stay there. Another part is finally unfriending/unfollowing my ex so I don't have to keep hating my clothes every time his new gf wears the same shit I have. If she could stop doing that though it would be preferable.
  10. To be happy with the things I have and not want or compare myself to the things others have
    I have a man I adore, two puppies who I also adore, and two amazing families. I have more than many people get in a lifetime and I am so so thankful for that.
  11. To drink more water and consume less sugar and fast food
    This is the closest to a traditional resolution as I'm going to get. I'd say no soda, no fast food, and only one snack/dessert food a day but I know I will only keep maybe the first two. Less is more, also less is easier to achieve. I'm all about setting small goals that are achievable and making bigger changes over time.