Inspired by @PeteOnEarth
  1. You like make lists of stuff!
  2. You know like anything that pops in your head!
  3. They can be funny or serious but I prefer funny
  4. And you can use all of the pop culture gifs!
  5. And people on it are SO COOL
    Well most of them
  6. And it's not creepy to read strangers lists and comment or whatever!
    Well most of the time
  7. And sometimes you trend and you feel like you're finally one of the cool kids or if you're @poweronyourvcr you get featured and put in the email which is SO FUCKING COOL
  8. Some people are SO FUNNY *then I read an example list and laugh hysterically and they respond with "I don't get it"*
  10. Never mind, don't get it.