I had to google LDR so that's how this is gonna go
  1. Be a total shit show
    Seriously you can't function without each other. Just accept it.
  2. Don't try to fight the misery
    You're gonna miss each other all the time. Acceptance is key.
  3. Text/g chat frequently
    Constant communication is key to feeling connected even though you're forever away. Seriously guys she's so far away 😭
  4. Communicate using several forms of digital assistance at once.
    If you're having 5 different conversations at once and keeping them seperated via insta dm, g chat, texting, snapchat, etc you might be experiencing extreme effects from an LDR with your sibling.
  5. Wine & Skype
    Preferably when you're both home alone because everyone will hate you for being focused on each other for 6 hours.
  6. Use the Internet
    To send links for the things you shouldn't be buying and the food you shouldn't be eating.
  7. Continue to be the sounding board for all of the rants.
    It's better in person but hey, we can't have everything.
  8. Obsess over the same app
    Bonus points for suggesting good list topics. Negative points for missing autocorrect making you look like a complete asshole. (Double negative to me because she never does this its just me)
  9. When you plan things to do digitally/together.
    Lynda saves lives/relationships. We are NERDS. Now we just need to find the time to take the classes together. Joe being in Nashville might take some of this time but I'm okay with that. (Not so secretly crying about it though)
  10. Look forward to trips/harass your parents to give up their flying points because you need her here RIGHT NOW.
    Please please please. I'm not above bribery. I will clean the house for eternity. The funniest part is they can never figure out if we're using each other to make these things happen. Sorry mom and dad I'm not saying it because she doesn't have the money I'm saying it because I am literally going to die if I go another month. I'm selfish I promise.
  11. Send care packages/hand written notes
    Mary is way better about this but I swear to god I'm gonna start getting better because I love all the stuff she sends me and I need to reciprocate. This is such a simple thing that makes my day every time. I look forward to her notes so much.
  12. I was informed today how strange my family is for being so close. My BF is so confused watching us basically mourn Joe moving. What he doesn't get is that my brother is not nearly as good at communication and without talking to her constantly I would still be crying over Mary moving. I literally cried when she went to college in the same town.
    I am a giant baby. I am also an extremely lucky giant baby.