1. My division has our annual meeting today
  2. So we're doing a wine/whiskey tasting 😍
  3. Free food + free booze = a very happy Sarah
  4. Oh and I work with my female best friend
  5. So today I'm about to be paid for lots of drunken fun
  6. And I'm pumped 💕🍷
  8. My boss is the coolest human
  9. Aside from having super long luscious hair when he was younger his personality is 💯
  10. He stole us wine
  11. And I may have volunteered to help bottle it
  12. My boss (a grown man) me and my best friend (whose age our superiors lied about so she could be part of the tasting) were the only ones who made it the whole way through the wine/whiskey tasting
  13. Also I climbed in a fermentor
  14. It's going in the company newsletter.
  15. I love Dan Ryan