Everyone did these so long ago. This has been sitting in my drafts collecting dust so sorry I didn't credit anyone specific my bad guys.
  1. Starbucks
    Take all of my money. Especially in fall. I'm basic and I'm proud.
  2. Mario badescu almond honey face scrub
    This smells like the buttercream icing I made at the bakery I worked at through college and I'm obsessed. It's not the best as an exfoliator but if they mad anything else that felt/smelled like this I would buy it forever.
  3. Kate spade
    Classy chic, I'm into most of the stuff they make even if it's overpriced Af. A little disappointed in how it holds up. Might be my fault I wanted a light beige and have dogs that attack me every time I walk in the door. It's so scratched and dirty at this point and that makes my heart sad.
  4. Barnes and noble
    One of my favorite stores. Books, nerdy things, and there's a Starbucks inside! This is literally what I imagine my heaven will be like(except it would all be free).
  5. Beauty blenders
    Magical sponges.
  6. Stewart's cotton candy ice cream
    It's cruel to make a gas station ice cream this good and not be able to buy it online. Ship it on dry ice idgaf I'll pay.
  7. Disney
    Because I don't care what "subliminal messages" are included or "poor examples" are set. Stop overanalyzing my childhood 👊🏻
  8. Bath and Body Works Candles
    I am super sensitive to scents and get migraines easily and thankfully these can make the whole room smell amazing without hurting me! I have to be careful which scents I get but I can use most of them. They cover all of the stink from our downstairs neighbor who smokes cigs inside all the time so that makes me happy. (Edit we don't live here anymore thank god but they still cover the stink of dogs because I would be mortified if someone walked in my house and it smelled and I couldn't tell)
  9. Caudalie vinosource moisturizing sorbet
    I have kind of a skincare obsession and have tried SO MUCH. I got a deluxe sample with points at Sephora and ended up using the rest of my points for more samples. I've been through like 3 deluxe samples and a full size and once I finish my tatcha moisturizer I'm going to buy another. It's moisturizing but so light weight and doesn't bother my sensitive acne prone skin. Would 100% recommend.
  10. Nuxe comforting cleansing milk
    I was blown away by this product. I wasn't a huge fan of all the other products I got because they have very strong floral scents and give me migraines but I think I will buy this product forever and hope they never stop making it.
  11. Lush tee tree toner
    See above for migraine sensitive bullshit cause I bought $150 worth of products and had to return every single one but this because of the scents. We didn't even make the drive home before it was so bad I had to go directly to bed. This stuff on the other hand is a miracle worker and does wonders for my acne (I swear it heals so much faster) and evens out my skin so well. It's a spray bottle which I love.
  12. Caudalie glycolic peel
    I was so scared to try this type of mask and ended up trying a sample of the tata Harper one which could also go on this list because it's amazing. I tried this one next and love it. I really like that it's in a squeeze tube so it's more hygienic than the tata Harper packaging. I have a first aid beauty one to try as well but for now this is my go to mask.