1. I wouldn't have to work and could play Pokemon go all day
  2. I could afford a phone that would actually work when attempting to play Pokemon go
  3. I could afford a phone with a screen that would react when I try to catch snorlax on the highway and not just show up as "seen" in the pokedex
  4. I would be super fit because I'd be walking all over the state trying to find Abra instead of being tortured by the 3 steps nomatter what 😡😡😡
  5. I could hang out by the lake all day... With a lure so I can capture enough Magicarp to evolve into Garidos
  6. Yes this was a list about Pokemon go
  7. I'd be embarrassed except other nerds informed me I'm not a nerd if I'm in the majority and the majority are playing
    Not sure that's solid logic but I'm gonna go with it
  8. Prepare for trouble ✌🏼️