1. Some days I don't mind my job
    Some of the production people are wonderful and I enjoy talking to them. I do lots of stuff to help them just because I like them and they're actually appreciative of everything I do.
  2. But most days my job depresses me
  3. No one communicates
    I constantly have at least 5 people asking different things of me. When I try to get things approved the sales counselor 1. Doesn't answer 2. Complains about several things and makes me redo what I've done 3. Their boss aka my actual boss emails me asking why the fuck I did everything the way the previous person asked
  4. I try really hard to be helpful but it seems I'm only helpful as a punching bag
    I know people get stressed easily and don't like to admit their mistakes but for one day I'd like to not have someone 1. Yell at me for something I couldn't control 2. Blame me for something that wasn't my fault so they don't look bad 3. Take credit for the things I do so that they look better 4. Get talked down to by less intelligent people because they have seniority over me
  5. I want to be good at my job so bad but it's really hard when no one has the same opinions on how things should be done
    I'm an assistant for so many people that I'm constantly being told I'm doing things wrong. This is because every single person does their job differently and expects different things of me. It's impossible to please anyone let alone everyone.
  6. I dread coming to work most days and daydream about quitting regularly
  7. I often get here early so that I can get work down and have small amounts of down time throughout the day to read so I can keep myself from spiraling into unhealthy behaviors. I've had panic attacks at work some days because that's how awful people have treated me.
  8. I don't want to give up and I want to try my best at everything I do but I'm really sick of being under appreciated when I'm constantly going above and beyond to help everyone.
  9. Is this how everyone feels?
  10. Or should I start seriously job hunting..