1. Marijuana reviewer
    IM WATCHING A DOCUMENTARY AND CANT BELIEVE THIS IS A THING THAT EXISTS! Migraine cure + paycheck + pure bliss, sign me up!
  2. Beauty blogger
    I mean I don't have the required skill set but free makeup and skincare and clothes?! Sign me up. Oh and this counts as a job cause they make more money than I do sitting at work every day.
  3. Personal shopper
    Getting to look at pretty things all day and not having to spend my own money sounds perf. Except I'd probably fall in love with everything and end up spending more money than I was making.
  4. Trophy wife 🏆👰🏽
    Mostly because I'm lazy and don't want to leave my couch but I like pretty things... and food... And wine.
  5. Ben and Jerry's tester
    Eating ice cream all day sounds like heaven.
  6. Event planner
    This is actually what I want to do with life. Particularly with a nonprofit. I've done a lot of volunteering with nonprofits planning and participating in events and I love it.
  7. Boutique owner
    I love clothes and have wanted to start a small business like this on the side for a while. I'm hoping to get it off the ground once I pay off my student loans and if it ever takes off then I could be a stay at home mom which would be very cool. (In the future when I'm married and have kids which gives me plenty of time cause I'm not ready for that yet)
  8. Dog babysitter
    If my dogs were more friendly toward others this would be my job and I would be happy as a clam.
  9. Mostly the first one