Inspired by @ellaellakennedy
  1. I never wrote in an actual diary unless you include 5 year old me keeping score when my brother and his friend I was in love with competed in everything under the sun. But I like the idea of cataloging some stuff since big life changes are coming and hopefully it will relieve some of the anxiety.
  2. It's official as of yesterday that we're moving
    Still have no concrete dates which is making me crazyyy
  3. This weekend we did a lot of stuff in preparation like clean out all of the closets and reorganize most of the space we will be primarily living in.
    I'm still worried about all of our stuff fitting but hopefully I can convince ty to throw some stuff out before we go
  4. I'm so excited to FINALLY be moving away from Morgantown
    But I'm also really sad to be 2 hours from my parents for the first time in my life. (I know this isn't that far and that's part of the reason I was 100% supportive of the idea)
  5. But I'm terrified of unemployment
    He keeps putting pressure on me about how a full time job is literally the only thing keeping me from an engagement ring. He said he wants to be married in the next year. So uh even more pressure to get a job super quickly even though it took him years to find one in the area. Also I get that he's trying to be practical but this is killing all of the romance involved with engagement and making me feel pretty shitty. I know that's not his intention and he's just being a dumb boy but still.
  6. At least our bills will be significantly less.
    Our bills in Morgantown are around $1500 a month and in Ohio will be more like $700. So at least that helps if I have trouble finding a good job.
  7. Overall I think it will be a good experience but I guess we'll just have to see how it plays out.
    I'll probably continue this through the process for my own sanity.