1. Last night we had our preconstruction meeting for our home which will start building in a couple weeks!!! It should be move in ready the first week of November!
    Our project manager is a good friend and so we went out for beers after and that was also awesome.
  2. We are getting married in two months 😍😍
    It seems crazy that it's almost here
  3. Ive still been attempting to work on my minimalist journey
    Although I'm pretty sure most minimalists would not have been happy about all of the bridal shower gifts and I was ecstatic.
  4. The main thing I have been focusing on for the second half of the year is what actually brings value to my life. The hardest part has been identifying toxic relationships and ending them. It's weird because I still get upset even though I know the relationships themselves are more harmful to me.
    I have been really enjoying listening to the minimalists podcast when I'm especially stressed at work because they kind of remind me that this overstressed state is just temporary.
  5. I've been working a lot on trying to better myself in a few ways. Anger is my #1 target. With Italian and Irish genes I tend to get really angry if something is getting to me and I absolutely hate it. I'd rather be boring and be a calm centered person than be set off by small things.
    I've also been working hard to try to identify with everyone I meet and to always make interactions positive. We interact with so many people in a day and every interaction has the chance to effect the course of our day. I always want to have as positive of an effect on others as I possibly can. Life is too short to treat others poorly.
  6. We went to Michigan for the first time!
    It was fun but my favorite thing we did was go to a store full of fun nerdy stuff. Naturally I had to bring back presents for my siblings and grab a few things for myself. We were only there a few days so we mostly just drove around and saw where Tyler's best friend has been living for the past few years.
  7. The girls are still adorable
    We had to get Brandi checked for potential cancer but it came back as just fat thank god.
  8. My family still rocks
    I still ruin every good picture
  9. Some of Tyler's family still rocks
    I still hit the Inlaw jackpot even if some of his extended family has temporarily lost their minds
  10. He let me take a good picture for once ❤️