1. Every flavor of milkshake I got for a year
    At one point I was single handedly keeping our coldstone open which makes my heart sad. I even became friends with the staff because I'm that person.
  2. Times I thought wvucrushes could possibly be about me
    I only knew for sure that one was because a stink bug landed on the kid in front of me in a 200 person lecture and I screamed and flicked it off his shoulder and then immediately word vomited an apology for invading his personal space. He crushed me 🙈
  3. Times boys used the phrase "Just let me love you" and the mental repercussions that followed me running away
    Still feel bad about one of them who coped by going to the gym way too much and got super hot which made drunk me message him which made him lose it more and now he looks very frazzled and looooves plants and works with weed(I think that's a win for him).
  4. A running tally of men who got mad watching hockey with me because they can't take the facial expressions when Kris Letang is doing anything
    What a man
  5. Types of alcohol ranked by how likely they are to exit my body as quickly as they went in
    A shot of vodka or fireball will make me puke even if it's the first shot of the night. This has happened several times. I'm not proud.
  6. Descriptions of what paintings would look like on drugs if I could paint
    Every time I let someone talk me in to these things I wish I could paint what I'm seeing. There would be many for the "stages" your vision goes through while on acid.
  7. A live list of my parents walking into my apartment to help me finish moving and seeing that there were many smoking objects on the table and my roommate was already drinking two forties of steel reserve at 12pm
  8. Thoughts of a 20 year old who isn't sure if her mom noticed her bubbler
    And the debate of whether she would know what it was if she did notice it
  9. Times my mother would be very disappointed in me
    This list would be very long, sorry mom!
  10. Poor life choices: men edition
    I mean, it's college right?
  11. Food places that came and went on high street
    Do we really miss any of these? Not really.
  12. Hangover foods based on their level of magic
    Chicken and waffle sandwich. Enough said.
  13. They call me Pocahontas
    Some people have alternate drunk names they use to keep away creeps, mine was given to me for being the party queen and having long ass dark hair and a really nice tan. Most of this would be pride over the hot tub pong game I invented while shit faced and have never lost.
  14. Roommates Ranked
    I lived with so many different types of people and some of them were awesome and some of them suuuucckkkeed.
  15. Living with guys
    This list would be wonderful and ridiculous. I miss these times more than anything.
  16. Scaring off the random roommate/the incredibly weird and hilarious events that followed him not moving out
    What he didn't see was us crawling on the floor on New Year's Day trying to clean up from the party the night before. WHO MOVES IN WITH THEIR PARENTS ON NEW YEARS DAY?! We were all wearing sunglasses inside when they arrived.
  17. Classes I should have passed but didn't and why
    Geography: I slept through every class. The woman hated Aladdin?! What kind of monster hates Aladdin. My sisters friend did my homework and I lost my book and ended up having to pay for it twice. This was not a required class.
  18. The split second I considered grad school because the anxiety of being an adult was too high
    This happens sometimes and I have to remember to just say no 🙅🏻
  19. Were these the best years of my life?